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Hi, my name is Lawrence Colbert and I am the Founder of BILLIONAIRE MAGAZINE. I would like to share a few secrets with you. Self-made millionaires today come from all walks of life.  84% are entrepreneurs and the other 16% of self-made millionaires typically made it through investing, including real estate.


If you've struggled and suffered trying to make money then let me tell you a little about my past...

     any years ago as a young military seargent I shared the same ambitions of most people.  After getting out of the military and getting married,  I needed to support my family, so I tried everything under the sun from selling life insurance to delivering newspapers and eventually started a business that completely broke us.  No matter how hard I tried, we struggled and eventually my family and I had to move into a homeless shelter for military veterans.


It was embarrassing to be in that situation and it ruined my marriage. My daughter was born whilst we lived in that shelter and as much of a blessing that she is things suddenly became more desparate and all the more painful. 3:00 oclock one morning whilst feeding my daughter her bottle I looked into my baby's eyes and I cried. I had let her down. Her life was supposed to be better than this. From that moment forward I

vowed to make a success of myself for

the sake of my family, or die trying. I had

to learn to think and act differently. I had to

change and evolve.

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It doesn't matter because I'm so outrageously confident that the Beyond Millionaire Method will change your life that if it doesn't, I'll pay you every red cent back. You have a 60 DAY Money-Back Guarantee but for now, start for FREE!

Lawrence Colbert


I made a commitment to learn everything there is surrounding wealth. This has been my passion ever since and what eventually inspired me to create BILLIONAIRE MAGAZINE.


I studied and learned from icons like H Wayne Huizenga and Jim Moran and had the honor of working for them within their companies.  Then one obscure day in church I met a man who had been the right hand man of the richest man in the world back in the late 80s. He became my friend and mentor.


He taught me a concept of having a "serving heart" and to be humble. One's life mission should be to first seek to help others. Through the law of reciprocity others in turn help you. Though he is a retired multi-millionaire several times over he still answers the phone by saying, "How can I be of service to you?" This practice of helping others has been my life's work ever since.  I've been fortunate enough to be engaged in a labor of love in teaching others how to sell things and  accomplish goals.  For over a decade I've been fairly underground and only trained those who were introduced to me through my long standing clients.


Now it's time that I reach out to others who also want health, happiness and financial freedom. These secrets that create over 500 millionaires everyday should be shared with the world so that no one has to suffer the way my family and I had to.  So for a limited period of time I'm going to make these underground techniques available to those who are serious about making money and truly being happy for free.


Each year there are more than 200,000 thousand added to the ranks of the millionaires. Is it worth $1 to you to become one of them?


Well, get started now for FREE! I will give you a copy of my new PREBILLIONAIRE BOOK As a FREE Gift ($97 Value) on the Beyond Millionaire Secrets of Health, Happiness and Wealth Creation.

   know I can't change the world, but I can change you, and you can change your world.  I hope you still have the courage to at least try.  If you do, then join this free webinar and I have a special gift for you if you stay until the end.


If you want to finally achieve every goal that you thought was impossible, I look forward to speaking with you soon on the webinar.



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Beyond Millionaire

“Thank you for filling a niche with practical information. Your ebook was just what I was looking for."


Sharaon Heard -  Austin, Tx

“It took me a while to get started but once I understood it it was easy.  I wish I started sooner."


Azhar Iqbal -  Leederville, Au

“I've trained with you from the start of my career til today and  I'm still learning. I owe my success to you. You have changed my life."


Tony Wright -  Nottingham, Uk

“Thank you! I never thought learning to make money would be so much fun! I can't believe you made me sing that song and I still can't get it out of my head!"


Joanna Forbes -  New York, NY

“I always new I was capable of accomplishing more with my life. You gave me the confidence I needed to get started. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude."


Tom Fuller -  Los Angleles,  Ca

“Your team has been so helpful and I love the ongoing support. This course is worth it's weight in gold to me."


James Kirkland-  Birmingham, Uk  

“I came across alot of crap out there until I found your program. This actually makes sense and works. This program is the real deal!"


Al Banks -  Miami, Fl

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Lawrence Colbert





“Thank you for everything! The Billionaire University - Beyond Millionaire ebooks were amazing. Thank you so much!"


Bethan Coates  - London, UK

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Even if you've never been successful...

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

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